Wetlander Slick Bottom Coating

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Wetlander Slick Boat Bottom Coating is designed in USA and this special two or three layer system gives the bottom of your jet boat or airboat the best protection from the river bed. As Australasian agents we have tested this product on both jet boats and airboats in the harshest environment possible - New Zealand's shingle river beds - with outstanding results! 

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Flapper Disc Preparation

'Quart Kit' (2 x litres)  - suitable for medium sized jet boat (14')                                                                           

      1 x litre Primer + catalyst

      1 x litre Top Coat + catalyst

                                                                                          NZ$330 +gst & postage


'Half gallon Kit' (4 x litres) - suitable for 2 x small or 1 x large jet boat


          2 x litres Primer + catalyst

          2 x litres Top Coat + catalyst

                                                                                           NZ$478 +gst & postage




Paul Mullan


+64 27 284 9194 (NZ)

+61 407 996 666 (AUS)

* delivery to Australia can be arranged.

Please contact Paul Mullan by email to discuss requirements.


Key Benefits over other products:

  • Silicone base means super slippery

  • Two pack for exceptional toughness

  • Wash up in water

  • Air delivery by post or courier

  • Application by roller, spray or brush

  • Better longevity than any paint or coating available

  • Remains slippery even when scuffed

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* see below for Australian delivery

* see below for Australian delivery

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Silicone baseed Two Pack

Roller Application.jpg

Roller or Spray Application


Remains Slippery if Scuffed